Oct 10, 2017
After my initial DODMERB they wanted to have my heartbeat tested for History of developmental disorders after having my heart rate checked it was a little high (98BPM Sitting and 150 After 1 Minute Run) barley withing normal limits, they are now claiming that I have tachycardia which after googling the symptoms i have exhibited none of them except for an above average heartbeat, they now want me to obtain a 24-hour Holter monitor study with written interpretation and report and obtain an evaluation by a cardiologist regarding tachycardia. is there any chance of getting it waived?
Would it help to get doctors note stating that i would effect military service or a letter from my Commander stating my potential as an officer candidate? also posted previously that you have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and Dr/MAJ Mabry advised you of his opinion.

I am not a physician but his is not stacking up very favorably for you.
Asperger Syndrome is what i put down, they wrote down history of developmental disorders on the correspondence, they are the same thing just one is more specific
I don’t think the chances are good- just a gut feeling.

The 24 hour holter will be key because it will let the doctors know what kind of tachycardia you have.

If you do have a bona fide diagnosis of tachycardia, then a cause has to be found. The electric pathway in your heart may be abnormal. You may have an overactive thyroid. You may have a developmental abnormality in your heart. The causes can also be DQ.

What can help your case is the cardiologist documenting you have no symptoms at rest and when doing activities. It’s important for the doctor to note that you’ve participated in athletic activities and have had no issues. Some causes of tachycardia do not cause symptoms when heart rate is normal but will when the heart rate is above 100. As an example, google “Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome.” It is caused by an abnormal electric pathway.

Did you get an EKG? What did it show?
I have not yet gone to the Doctor they just uploaded the correspondence to today and DODMETS is not updated, would getting a letter from my commander stating my potential as an officer candidate help my case?