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    As many of you probably know, the DODMERB website has been down for over four weeks now. How is it that a website used by thousands and thousands of people can be down that long? I find this to unacceptable, but honestly, what do I know?

    I have heard that the Academies themselves use the website to aid them in the waiver process. Someone posted earlier asking a question to that effect:

    Larry Mullen responded with this:

    This is a perfectly adequate response, but it also sidestepped what I think is the real question. Has the DODMERB website being down for over four weeks effected the Academies ability to offer waivers?

    With the website being down, and waivers possibly delayed indefinitely, how do we know the Academies aren’t just offering appointments to people who aren’t seeking waivers? Then, later on, denying waivers to people who had conditional appointments because they have already filled the spots.

    I posted this thread in the DODMERB forum because I felt it was where it belonged after reading the DODMERB forum rules, but I understand if it is moved to the off topic forum.

    EDIT: I want to add that I have sincere respect for Mr. Mullen and I appreciate what he, and all of colleagues do for us every day. I am just frustrated that the website has been down for so long. I am sure they are doing their best and there is a very good reason why it has been down.
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    Since my husband works for the federal government, I have an idea of what has happened with many federal agencies. This type of responsibility (operations and maintenance of computer systems) along with many other areas has been taken away from the agency and contracted out. Sometimes this works ok, sometimes (and I am being kind) it does not. I do not know if this is the case with the DodMERB, but if so, there may not be much they can do about it, since it is in the hands of the contractors.
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    The DODMERB website is a matter of convenience. DODMERB can and does funtion without you having access to it.
    Anyone who has questions about their status should call/email.
    Folks who receive correspondence (snail mail) from DoDMERB should go ahead and notify the academies/programs to which they have applied.
    Gliches do occur but if you follow up aggressively - they can be resolved.
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    DoDMERB is still functioning with all applicants. Academies and ROTC programs (4 yr) notify applicants of their waiver decisions in a letter to the applicant. In-college ROTC folks asre notifed by their chain-of-command. The website being down has NOT affected any offers of appointments:thumb:

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