Does USAFA look at the essay if you did bad in it?

I took my first SAT and got a 1440 (740 math/700 reading) and I took again the next month in June looking to max out the math section. I took that second SAT in June with an essay test but I feel like I didn't do well on it. I have sent all of my scores already, including the June SAT.

I don't really want to be judged on the essay in case I did as bad as I thought I would, so, in the eyes of USAFA, does anyone know how would my essay scores be looked at, especially since they are optional?


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Doubt it. They probably just get your scores. I'd work on my grammar before submitting essays for nominations and applications.


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"Normally" USAFA doesn't look too closely at the essay unless (and this is heresay, from discussions I've had up at RRS in the past) you show SAT's like: 750r, 780m, and your essay is WAAAAAAAY below that.

Then they might pull a Mr. Spock eyebrow...