Dorm Decor

What is your or your DD/DS decoration level for their dorm room?

  • Got a bed in a bag I like

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  • Got a dorm package option

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  • Shared room but not trying to match with a roommate just stuff I like

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  • Shared room we agreed on a couple base colors but that is extent of design

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  • Shared room shared colors and splitting up who gets shared things

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  • Shared room picking out matching dorm packages

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  • Shared room matching items sharing things and doing DIYs to share and match

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Nov 15, 2015
Obviously those at Academies and Military schools that are very limited even after the pleb year are not able to do much. Those at traditional colleges that do not have military floors with restrictive regs may have a desire to have a 'college experience' designed room. Some colleges and Universities have shared shoebox as the frosh year non-option.. For females that want the Laura Ashley fluffy and oh so "I'm sorority worthy" matching rooms thanks to the exposure of the Ole Miss girls dorm norm last year there are tons of ideas that future roommates can DIY and buy to create that prefict beautiful room. For guys thee is hardly anything... The first year I sent DS off to his shared room with blue/brown and some framed art posters decor that when he moved to a single all the decor he just gave no cares for putting up again so it was just shoved under his bed.
This year since he transferred to a in state college closer to home I was going to be able to help him decorate and I was searching for some kind of inspiration for a room that he liked the 'theme' too. I had gotten a 'aged' flag print storage bin that has the padded top so can be a footrest or seat and since it had the blue and brown we already had things from his first year adding in pops of red was easy so we were basically going for a Americana style but not overly kitchy country. We had DIYed a lighted Movie Poster which is a bit heavy for command strips and saw a Ole Miss guy's room that had a fence section split between two sides of a shared room so on either side of the window and beside the desks so can use for putting up thing that were heavier or even just to use as a area to tack up notes, flyers of events. (It was about the only decorated Guy room you can find that is a REAL dorm room.) So the fence idea seemed like a great idea it added in the ability to put up a dart board which is a good distraction when need a couple mins break from studying and to play with friends. He is lucky that the privates in 4 room suites have a nice sized room for college dorm and he ended up in the ground floor which his window faces the closest parking so we literally loaded in almost everything through the window. The fence, wood paneling and lattice piece we got from Home Depot had to come in the main door and don't think they would have had a shot of working if he had to do an elevator ride to get them in. But it is great since now he has all the stuff on the wood he can just take off the nails pack and next year they hang right back on. Things above the fence used the Large item velcro Command strips and one of the metal plate'nail' Command hooks but instead of the tape style strip used the large velcro they hold a lot better (even if you do get a blister from pushing them together.) But with the Flag and fence as the inspiration we basically created a "Backyard Americana" themed room. I'm so glad he loves it . There are studies that show a comfortable living space can improve study times and grades while reducing stress and anxiety. Organization is super important so that amazing room you create does not just turn into a laundry basket with dirty dishes, empty soda bottles , pizza boxes and chip bags. Have healthy easy fix options available for when the dining hall is closed and they are working on a paper. Have bins to hold the staple items so they are not messy. Last year my son got a write up from his RA for 'having too much food ' in his room because he had a pile of canned goods under his bed just shoved under there. this year he has a bin for snacks like chips and popcorn, a bin for microwave meals like mac and cheese, noodle bowls, ramen, and a bin for canned goods that way he doesn't have too much in his room and what he does have is not a mess it is bins on a shelf. the top of his school issued dresser we used the rubber shelf liner to protect the top of the dresser then put on the mini fridge and microwave with the coffeemaker on it. all of this organization/ pantry and suto kitchen is under his lofted bed. His college does not have extra bed parts to make lofted beds but I preferred the steel one we bought that a lot of colleges have companies that rent them for about half of what it costs to buy one. but the renters do the put together and tear down. I think it took DS about 2 hours to put it together. He doesn't think he needs it but for safety I made him use a side rail that slides under the mattress for the front and used his body pillow and some of the throw pillows to fill in the gap where the window is behind the bed. Apparently he really likes his 'cave' bed since everytime I call and ask about him checking something that he has on his desk he is in his bed and can I wait till he goes down to go to the dining hall. lol Would love to see other dorm designs since next year he might get a room that isn't on the first floor so may have to make adjustments. We are trying to use things that he would/could use when he gets his first duty station if he is stuck in a small dorm room sized BOQ or that could be a style he would like to use for his apartment till he gets in the 'married life' stage were he could maybe be allowed to keep things in his 'man cave' He does have a shared with 4 rooms kitchenette and bathroom and as expected none of the other roommates had thought about needs for those areas so I had a rug some pillows for the hard seats and a little table decore (Will impress the girls) and for the bath rubber shelf linners for the shelves, a bin with back up TP, a 'shelf/basket for the cleaning products they will hopefully use for under the sink since they did not have an under sink cabinet. and got a multi towel rack for the bathroom door so they can have dry towels . DS's room photos are on Pintrest it is reverse chronological so bottom photos are the before with top being the completed room. He did a move in video and a Dorm tour but hasn't set up a You tube channel to put it them on yet. Look forward to seeing more rooms.
My DS and his roommate have matching VTCC wool blankets. LOL! Neither one of them sleeps in their bed. The roommate sleeps on a cot with his yoga mat on top and DS sleeps on his yoga mat on the floor until he gets a cot. They also have matching blank walls because they aren't allowed to put anything on the walls yet.