Double Major, Yes, but Double Minor?


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Apr 2, 2008
I've heard from several sources that a double major is possible at the Academy (however hard it may be to achieve). But I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not it's possible to earn a double minor on top of a major? The reason I'm asking this is because I will have 60 semester units of college coursework completed by the time time I enter this June, and I will be half way to a French minor. Originally I was planning to minor in Japanese at the Academy, but my community college doesn't offer Japanese, so I've been taking French in lieu of it. Now I'm really curious whether or not the work I've done will let me earn two language minors. Any insight is appreciated.
um, you would still have to take 4 semesters of 200+ level courses in French or another language. I will have my Japanese minor at the end of this semester. Now, your 60 credit hours probably won't transfer at all with few exceptions. I nearly maxed out the validations with around 28 credit hours based mostly on testing while here with a few AP tests (english/calc 1/2 and biology).

Now, if you can do the same, you would be able to attain the double minor. The average class load is 7 classes. I never have more than 6 in any semester even with my minor (only 5 first semester freshman year). SO, if you do 4 semesters of french and 6 of another language (2 at the 100 level wouldn't count towards the minor), then you would still be a little below the cadet average and could graduate with 2 minors on top of your major.

question mostly answered

Yes, it helps answer the larger question. I didn't quite follow all the details of how to get the double minor, I'll have to read through your post again, but as long as it's possible then my question is basically answered. I didn't really figure that any credits would transfer, but I am still willing to test my way through everything possible to get at least some credit for what I've done. Even if all I can get validated are my french classes that would be fantastic. Thanks for the reply.
I highly suggest validating everything you can regardless. It significantly lightens your load or allows you to pursue something like a double minor. May I ask what you want to major in?
I want do major in political science with a focus on international politics if I can. Anything that has to do with international relations or intelligence really interests me, so I figure this is the best academic plan to help me out with that. What do you think?
I think it sounds solid and you can get that here. Also consider Foreign Area Studies if you want those languages or if Poli Sci doesn't suit you as much as you thought it would.
I actually have considered foreign area studies before I considered political science, but one of my professors he advised me that I'll get much of the same education either way but a political science major offers a few more opportunities than foreign area studies if I decide that I want to go into a different field. Still, I want to check them both out. Thanks for all your input.
Yes, I want to do intel work, but I also want to fly just as much. I'm hoping that my first year or so spent at the Academy will really help me hone in on what I want to do. Still, I know I'll be happy with whatever field I go into.