double minor

I am not an expert but I will tell you what I know from my son and I discussing the subject. You may be able to do it but I suspect that with a major and one minor you will not have enough time to have a second minor.

I do know that if you choose an engineering major you most likely will not have enough time in the day to have a minor also. Engineering majors have the heaviest class load.

If you choose a non-engineering major you can also choose a minor but you will have a very full schedule. It can be done, but you will be taking 7-8 classes per semester. The average cadet has a class load of 6 classes per semester. This is to get all required classes and electives into the 4 year education.

My son decided to major in military history. He will have 6 classes per semester except one semester he will have 7.
that reminds me of another question-how heavy are the class loads for the following majors: military art & science, economics, mathematical studies?