Double Minor


Nov 8, 2017
So I’ve been wondering about the possibility to do a double minor with two foreign languages. I’m assuming it’s far too difficult to double minor if you are starting with a brand new language, but maybe it’s possible if you have prior experience? I’ve taken 6 semesters of college german (101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302) and am in my second semester of college Russian. If I go in with high proficiency in german and some experience with Russian, would it be possible they’d allow me to have both in my schedule?
Usually, USAFA will choose your foreign language for you, based on how you score on tests taken during BCT. You may indeed get Russian, or Chinese, or Arabic, or Portuguese... or even Spanish. They'll take your studies into account, and see where you fit. It may be that you'll start at a lower level then you'd expect - maybe not.