Doubts after acceptance


I'd like to share with you my experience as a dad of a Plebe '21. I have no idea and won't pretend to know what you're going through. A week before I-Day, my wife and I sensed some hesitation on DD's part follow by tears. I sensed fear of the unknown during our many conversations up to the day before. Forward to Plebe Summer... The first letter we got was encouraging: "When I look around, I still can't believe I am here. I belong here." she wrote. Then the first phone call, it was wonderful and she was happy just to hear our voices. After seven weeks, we came up for PPW and all she did was eating and sleeping. On Sunday, I walked her back around 1600... She put her head on my shoulder, bit her lower lip, and with teary eyes. We took a selfie together and she walked off. We stayed for the evening formation then left the day after. She loved her squad and developed some new friendships. It took until Thanksgiving for her to figure out time management. By Christmas break, she was looking great walking through the airport and nothing but smiles and hugs. She share her grades with us then went back to the Dark Ages. Poop hits the fan she said, but "I learned to manage, Dad."

What I am trying to say is it is normal to be nervous of the unknown, but if you knew you wanted this back in 8th grade, you'll be fine going along with your new friends. My DD told me they all support each other. Next week is the next milestone... Declaring her major, then onward to the Herndon Climb. As fearful as my DD was leading up to I-Day, I can't even recognize the daughter I see and chat with today.

Good luck, best wishes, and God bless.