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    My DS is candidate at USAFA and USNA. He has braces (March '17) and had to fill out a remedial - Orthodontic Questionaire. The orthodontist indicated Estimated date of removal/discontinuation...(and Estimated date for ALL active orthodontic treatment to be completed): June 2019. I called the orthodontist and they said it's likely he will get them off by April (we as parents are going to make sure of it because we did not plan on a treatment plan over 24 mos.- for a slight bite correction).
    Sent form to DODMERB on 10/30. When looked at DODMERB on 10/31 for both academies it had him Potential Pilot Qualified and Qualifed. Then on 11/2 that status changed to Disqualified Current orthod appliances/active ortho care beyond date of projected accession. Then status: Pending waiver submission/review.
    On his USAFA portal it shows his app as Incomplete but Disqualified Medically (everything is complete except doing his CFA 11/8 and his ALO interview), he has a nomination. On USNA it still doesn't show anything for DOD status.
    He will be getting x-rays and a check-up of his braces situation at the beginning of December. Should I have the orthodontist fill out another form with an update- indicating his braces will be off earlier (than what she had stated on the previous form)? Will this help his chances at getting off DQ?
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    My DS was supposed to have them for 3 years, 6 months into treatment we started on this path. Obviously, we knew his 3 years were not going to be up, we gave the questionnaire to the Ortho and told him, these braces are ELECTIVE - and this is a DQ for all Military Academies. We will either end treatment today with you and have braces removed, or you sign this form stating they will be removed on XXXX Date which was 30 days before I Day. After that, we did not have any issue, but we did get a lot of pushback from the Orthodontist not wanting to sign the form.. in the end he signed off
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    New to all of this and after reading these forums, we have learned that orthodontics are a DQ from all SA. So, my question is how early does DS need to get the paperwork completed by the orthodontist? How early does the orthodontics need to be removed? Per the office staff, the braces are scheduled for removal in March. Thanks for any information.