DQ/waiver due to childhood kidney issues?


Sep 19, 2019
My daughter is a high school senior and has submitted her portion of her application to the USCGA to be considered for Early Action. She is going in for her physical exam tomorrow for DODMERB. She was born with a kidney problem, but had surgery at 5 months which completely corrected the issue. She had follow-up tests and was given a clean bill of health at 11 months old. She has had no further issues and is extremely active in sports.

She included this information on her medical forms, and we have a copy of the letter from her pediatric urologist when she was 11 months old stating that she was healthy, that no further follow-up was needed, and that the previous issue should not restrict her in any way.

Should she expect to receive a DQ from DODMERB just because she had this surgery as a baby even though she has had no issues since then? For others that have had a DQ due to a childhood kidney issue, were you successful in receiving a waiver?
I would expect to have to go to through the waiver process. If you haven't already, collect the post-op records and the doctors clean bill of health to be sent in. The important thing here is that the your daughter has been active and not suffered any setbacks, I would expect a waiver.
Thanks. She had her physical today. We gave them the final letter we had from her urologist. The doctor today said they would send it in to DODMERB with the rest of her physical. I also just submitted a request for all of her medical records from that doctor so I will have them available. She has her eye appointment in about a week (not expecting any issues there since she is well within the range) so we'll wait and see.