DQ'd for eczema I don't actually have


Oct 24, 2016
Basically, my mom called it eczema so dutifully, not wanting to leave anything out I reported I have it. I had a remedial for something else and saw that I was pending dq for eczema. I googled eczema, and I definitely don't have anything as severe as in the pictures, just winter dry skin really. I have visited the dermatologist yearly since I was in grade school(grandfather has melanoma) and she wrote a letter saying that I misspoke and never had eczema. Sent that in at the same time as my remedials hoping to get a second look. Just found out today I got dq'd. Haven't got any waiver information yet, any advice would be great. this is for nrotc.

Also I'm on mobile so sorry for formatting.[emoji1] thanks
for NROTC you waiver process will start automatically.
be prepared to wait but eventually they will ask for information, when they do send it.
Alright back to the waiting game I suppose
My DS also got DQ'd about two months ago for very minor eczema (two instances since he was age 12 -- similar to you, we almost didn't even disclose it -- he just has winter dry skin and on two occasions he let it get a little too dry -- didn't put moisturizing lotion on when he should have -- exacerbated by showering multiple times a day from wrestling and other sports). But he just got a medical waiver from NROTC (yeah!!), and we are waiting on a waiver from AFROTC. Here is what we did: first, we had his pediatrician write a letter stating that the two instances when he was seen by his doctor for eczema were very minor, very treatable, resolved very quickly, and that he does not require prescription medication (and is not taking prescription medication for eczema). Next, we went to see a dermatologist with military experience -- we found a retired former Army Colonel who was in the Army Medical Corp for 25 years (as a dermatologist) and had him examine DS. The retired Army dermatologist wrote a really great letter with DS's medical exam, stating that DS had no tell-tell signs on his skin for chronic eczema (he used a lot of medical terminology - there are things dermatologists can see on your skin if you've had chronic eczema -- for example, your skin gets thicker). He also noted that DS has no trouble wearing wool. And he reviewed the info from DS's pediatrician as well. He wrote that DS just has winter dry skin, and he recommended that DS be given a waiver, and predicted that DS would be deployable world-wide with little problems. AFROTC is more strict on eczema and they outright DQ'd my DS right away, as soon as they got the waiver request from DODMERB. And the woman I spoke with at AFROTC said that there was no way they would grant a waiver for AFROTC so long as he had an instance of eczema after the age of 12. But notwithstanding what the AFROTC woman told me over the phone I think they may be reconsidering, because after we sent in the letter from the Army dermatologist, AFROTC changed his status from "waiver denied/DQ'd" to "pending waiver review/remedial," and they just sent a letter asking for all of his medical records relating to eczema. So we are sending those in, hopefully DS will also get a waiver for AFROTC, but it is unclear. So I recommend you find a dermatologist with military experience ASAP and have them do an exam, and assuming your exam goes well, make sure the Dr. recommends that you be given a waiver, and write something about your deployability world-wide. (My DS's exam only cost $100, well worth it since he got a waiver from NROTC.) I recommend you not wait until you hear something from ROTC -- I think it is a good idea to be proactive -- we did not wait, and it worked (at least for NROTC). If you send the letter(s) into DODMERB from your pediatrician and a military dermatologist DODMERB will forward it to whichever ROTC unit your scholarship is from (which is yours from?). Navy ROTC never asked for additional info, but I'm sure they saw the letters from the pediatrician and Army dermatologist, and that must have helped.
Oh I just saw you noted you have an NROTC scholarship. I think you should be able to get a waiver no problem, especially since your dermatologist said it wasn't eczema, though it's weird DODMERB would still DQ you after that. You still might want to find a dermatologist with military experience and have them write a letter as well.
Hey so after waiting 2+months for any change to my status I gave bumed a call and they said that I was recommended for and had received a waiver! Apparently though they still haven't figured out how to send mail any other way than pony express!
Lucky, @lucky8. Congratulations and now enjoy the rest of your senior year. Two months for a waiver to process is well within the norm, even for a simple eczema that was never diagnosed.