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Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by golfindad, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Can someone give me a heads up on what is appropriate when students come home for the holidays and attend functions. DS will be attending USMMA. There are events over the holidays where DS would normally wear a suit. The question comes up as to whether he wears his formal dress from USMMA (I assume there is something like that) while at home for Christmas, dinners, certain parties, etc.? Any insight as to how others handle the dress issue over the holidays, or any insight as to regulations, etc. over such. Just curious.
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    DS is a plebe at USNA. Over the holidays he wore dressy civilian clothes for things like Mass and a holiday party - coat and tie. At that time they are on leave so civilian clothes are permitted and appropriate. (And a novelty again!) There are sometimes all-academy balls over the winter break, sponsored by parents' clubs, to which it is customary to wear their dress uniforms. (DS had no interest in going, so I'm not speaking from experience there - but saw pictures on Facebook from our local parents' group.) HTH.

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