Dress code?


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Feb 18, 2009
I'm going to a West Point Informational meeting at a fort so is there anything in particular I should wear?
I would advise khakis, or other slacks, and a polo or button up shirt. No need to wear a suit or tie.
The same type of dress...khakis and polo. Bring sweats or shorts and a t-shirt for sleeping in. Don't forget comfortable shoes and a warm coat (not your letterman's jacket if you have something else you can wear).
A question along the same lines...is it appropriate to request an overnight visit at West Point this spring if you were offered the USMAP's program?

Maybe the better question is, does West Point usually ask you, to do an overnight if they've offered USMAP's?
You should ask admissions, but I would think that it's a good idea for anyone headed to USMAPS to do an overnight as USMA.