drop an HS college class???


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Jan 21, 2008
USAFA thinks I am going to take another college (AP) calculus I class...
my last semister of HS...

i don't want to take it... already scheduled to take two other college classes.
don't want calculus !
want to put a JROTC middle-eastern studies class in its place.

asked USAFA counselor,

they (USAFA) "would like to see me in the AP calc. class" ...
however, if "I choose not to take the AP calc. just let them know."

I have a competitive package (?) :::

complete application...
considered USAFA candidate

USAFA summer seminar 2007
three nominations : house rep., senator, and JROTC
good ALO evals.
decent CFA scores
top 10% of HS class
1200 SAT score (math & verbal)
26 ACT composite
excellent recommendations
good writing samples
varsity sports : awards, etc.
JROTC : wing commander + 30 awards
all that extra curricular stuff
JROTC Honors Camp

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they (USAFA) "would like to see me in the AP calc. class" ...
however, if "I choose not to take the AP calc. just let them know."


I think your answer is right there. If you are still wondering if you are competitive, then I assume you haven't gotten an appointment, yet. Therefore, the USAFA is still evaluating your application. None of us can know what the Academy Admission Board is looking for all the time, but if you've been told that the USAFA would like to see you take the AP Calc class, then you have a good idea of what you should do. Not knowing where you rank among the other candidates in the Whole Candidate Score, you could drop enough points from your score by dropping the class that you might put yourself out of an appointment.

Also, the more exposure to calculus that you have, then better it will be at the Academy. The extra pressures of Academy life will take a lot of time, and the more you can learn now, the less time you will have to spend learning calculus.

thanks stealth !

but do you think if I drop the class...
it would be a "show stopper" ??

what if my school actually does not offer the class due to shortage of students... will that also drop my USAFA score?
zzztriplenickel, talk to your AF ALO (your local person who did the USAFA interview) about this - also your high school guidance counselor. My son found his AF ALO to be very helpful with these type questions.

You've already taken Calc I which is like taking AP Calc AB. Do you want to drop Calc II at UNC? Or do you want to drop AP Calc BC at your high school? If you are registered for Calc AB at your high school, you do not need to take that (unless you know that you did not understand the material the first time around...)

It is beneficial to have taken both Calc I and II before going to a SA...but I understand not wanting to repeat Calc I OR not wanting to take Calc II :wink: - I have a son who is a senior this year, too...bottomline is: take the course that you know will benefit you most even if you do not want to take it.

Best wishes with your studies....hope this helped a little. Ones wiser than me will probably comment soon!
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taken UNC calculus I .. don't want to take AP Calculus I AB...

BUT don't want to hurt my chances of recieving an appointment...

just how big a deal is dropping a HS class?

what if USAFA doesn't know until mid-June when I send in my final transcript?

this is a delicate issue...
need the full scope on all options.

thanks :D

however, no doubt that the more exposure to calculus the better...

for a non-tech. major @ the USAFA how far in mathmatics do you go?
You will hopefully have an answer long before sending in a final transcript, and that is mainly to make sure you didn't fail something. I don't see why USAFA wouldn't see UNC calc one as the same as AB, so you should be ok. However, I would encourage you to take Calc BC if offered. Calculus and Chemistry are the acadmic killers and are the main cause for academi probation at USAFA (the book is horrid and the teaching style isn't so hot I hear). As a non-tech major you must take calc 1 and 2. If you can take calc 2, then you can test out of both in BCT (I did) and not have to take them at all. Or test out of calc 1 with your current knowledge and probably have difficulty in calc 2.

IMO, I don't think dropping it is a show stopper, however, if you get to USAFA it could cause you big issues as a 4 dig. If I were you I would take math, I think that's much more important to your potential future cadet career than the other class.
Let me get this straight - you took Calculus I at/through UNC - and now want to drop AP Calc this semester at school?
You don't want to hurt your chance of an appointment but don't want to tell your admissions officer?
Let me ask - how did you do in Calc I? Did you get an "A"?

IMO - this change is your schedule needs to be discussed with your Academy admissions officer. If they offer you an appointment thinking that you have scheduled AP Calc - and you don't take it then admissions may not be too happy. Let me remind you that all appointments are conditional.
You are about to enter an academy with an honor code - think about your honor if you deliberately withhold information to get in the door.

Perhaps, it won't matter if you drop the class or not, but what may matter the most whether or not you are open about it.
Any changes to your application must be reported to the admissions office.
Honesty is the best policy.
Just_A_Mom is spot on...

any future/current USAFA cadet should put integrity at the for-front.

In addition... the US Air Force demands it.

Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all WE do.
So, was your purpose on here to ask whether or not to tell them about dropping it, or if dropping it would be ok. I would like to make sure I understand the initail question.

initial question was: "would it be ok to drop?"

it a no-brainer (at least IMO) to be openly honest...
not informing the USAFA about a class drop... could be (more than likely) more harmful than just dropping the class and tell your USAFA cous.

thanks dude.
My school does not offer BC calculus as a class...

however, I can take the AP calculus AB... do independant study... and take the BC exam.

and I can't take UNC calc. 2 --- not allowed. ??!!
Did you take UNC calc I for credit- will you get a transcript from UNC? How did you do in that class?
Make sure admissions gets a copy of that transcript. asap.

Make it clear to your ALO that you took Calc I and AP calcAB would be a repeat. If your high school gave you credit for calc at UNC would they even give you credit for AP calc?

Now - one thing to keep in mind - lots of kids can get a B in Calc I then they get to Calc II and hit the wall. It may be prudent to go ahead and schedule AP Calc and take it. It will keep your math skills up and you may end up validating Calc at the academy because it will be fresh.

Whatever you do - make sure everyone - you, your ALO and admissions is on the same page.
If you have a college calculus class, wouldn't it be redundant to take the HS class?? The purpose of the HS AP track is to earn college credit, which you clearly have...certainly the college class would be considered more rigorous.