Dropping Spring Semester course


Parent, Class of 2021 USNA
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Sep 27, 2015
I did a search on this topic but only found something about someone wanting to drop an elective course.

DS has an appointment for c/o 2021. His second semester engineering class has become quite a problem, he believes he'll get a D in the class. The professor is one of those that says just do the work and I don't care about your grade. Evidently, about 75% of the class is currently failing with only about 4 weeks left in the semester. The class has only 2 tests.

DS will be contacting admissions to see how dropping this class will affect his appointment but just wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with this. He knows the course load at USNA will be heavy and he has to be able to handle that since there are no drops there. That is not the issue, per se. He just worries that a D or F on his spring transcript may jeopardize his appointment. He's doing well in his other classes.
My friend who was appointed to class 2021 who is in college was able to drop his neuro science class without any grief from the academy.
Now he tells me he can bust his butt and possibly get a C out of the class. I would prefer that he did that, but we'll see what admissions says as well.