Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statement

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    What exactly does this entail? I've never done drugs or had alcohol or anything like that haha but I remember my ALO saying something about how there will be a few awkward questions. I'm not worried about it or anything just curious about how the meeting will go.

    Thanks for all the help! You guys are awesome! :thumb:
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    This is an air force form that your ALO must brief you on (ideally in person) which will be fully explained.

    The two areas of "interest" are as you stated: drug use and alcohol abuse. Those two terms are clearly explained. "ANY" drug "use" must be reported; and it's not necessarily a DQ, but NOT disclosing it WILL be a show stopper if it's ever discovered. Alcohol abuse is a medical diagnosis...not the underage drinker..."I went out on a party night and we all got tanked on some beer..." that's not abuse.

    Again, if you've NEVER done either, then this will be a "non issue" meeting with the ALO, he or she will explain fully and then after you tell the you're fully in the clear and understand, they will "open" the form on the web for you to sign electronically.

    And that's it.

    And if you receive an appointment, on I day you will sign the same form again, in person.

    I hope this helps explain this!

    USAFA '83

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