Drum Corps?


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Nov 9, 2007
Does USAFA have a drum corps, or any equivalent to such a thing?

I know they have a marching band... but is this available to cadets?

I would like to know, becuase I play the drums, and am one of the leaders of the drumline at my school.

AFA has a Drum & Bugle Corp which is the cadets. They also have a marching band which is not cadets. They practice every day for a few hours. I understand it is a very real commitment - for instance, you can't skip practice because you have too much homework. They go to all football games (away too) and perform at half time. They have no woodwinds so my daughter had to learn a new instrument. I understand they also perform at basketball games and other things. They played at a Bronco's game several weeks ago. My daughter is glad she joined. It is a lot of work but in exchange she has been to the away football games and really enjoyed it quite a bit. She has shared several stories about AFA and the vast majority pertain in one way or another to D&B. Sounds like the trip to Annapolis was great and more recently she loved Notre Dame.
Here is a link to more info

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