DS Portal Message


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Mar 2, 2017
DS is 3Q with noms. After the application window closed on 2/28, DS said his portal landing page has changed to a white page with a message stating that records show he has an application open for a prior year. It further says if he is sure he will NOT be attending WP in the summer he should click a link, otherwise contact admissions. Is this a digital TWE? Anyone else get this? Thanks for all those who participate here for their valuable insights.
Click nothing...and call the RC and the RC tech...Of course, most importantly, remain calm. With online stuff, weird things happen.
I think this is weird cyber stuff. If your DS gets a TWE, he will get an email notification that there is an update to his file and the letter will be attached in his official correspondence. This year was our second go at it.
He might want to close his browser and log back in again.