DS received an LOE yesterday


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So, don't get too excited. It just means, finish your application. You might talk to your child about his or her plan to finish the application.
There is normally a first wave of acceptances that go out in mid-January (for the last few years about 500 candidates receive appointments in that first wave). It is a good plan to have everything that can be completed by then finished. (After the first wave, the other 700ish appointment offers slip out week by week until the last week of April.) So, it is a good goal to have the packet done by the end of December.
No, get excited...as it states in the letter, the letter "is sent only to outstanding candidates deserving of admission". According to everybody I've spoken to (including recent USMA Grads), it's a very positive sign - very few of these are sent out. It' absolutely NO Guarantee of admission, but it is a HUGE compliment to your candidate and their "accomplishments to date". My son got one too, and believe me WE'RE EXCITED. Now, get the Nom and (hopefully) we'll see you on R-Day (my second).
Yes, @TexasAggie204 I'm treating it a very positive sign, though obviously not an LOA.
I don't think they send out as many LOE's as I've read they used to, or at least not as much as an inducement to finish an application. DS's app has been done for quite a while. He needs a medical waiver for an injury he sustained in september, but they've already indicated there's a waiver in process.
I think it's a good sign and without one or an LOA, no overnight visit until appointment. So he'll take advantage of that and do one when he's over his injury.


My DS got an LOE and did an overnight trip a few weeks ago. I strongly encourage ya'll to do that. He loved the experience.
But it seems so many people on this forum all have an LOE or LOA. Perhaps folks here are just more engaged with the process.
i think they are, but i still don't count that many people with either on the forum (10 this year for USMA?, not sure). This forum some have said may have only about 10% of applicants.


Congratulations. My DS received his LOE about this time his senior year. By the time he went for his overnight visit in January he had already received his appointment. It is exciting. Good luck!