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    Tomorrow, at 1400, Saturday, March 18th at the Hershey Theater, the life and military career of Major Dick Winters will be memorialized. Major Winters was a graduate of F&M College. He decided it was his duty to defend freedom. He rose through the ranks, so I am told and became an officer in Easy Company. This man is a true American hero, a man who lead from the front not from behind or a desk. He along with his men of Easy Company fought for freedom and endured so much, that I can''t even imagine. We has Americans need to pause a moment and give thanks for not only Major Dick Winters and Easy Company, but all of you who have served our great country, continue to serve and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. And a special note to all of you parents who have young men and women who are attending SA'S and doing ROTC, thanks for encouraging them to defend the freedom of these the United States of America. Let them know, this American thinks of them everyday and appreciates their commitment and dedication to America. Thanks, Major Winters who did one hell of a job.

    "Hang Tough"

    God Bless you all,

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    psssst - tomorrow (Saturday) is March 19th. :thumb:

    PS - WGAL will broadcast the service live.

    Anyone within 100 miles or so of Hershey (Lancaster, actually) should be able to pick up WGAL's digital signal over the air (channel 58) with a decent UHF antenna.
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    Thanks RGK, nicely done! What a great breed of men!

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