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    DS had an abnormal hearing test as I had previously posted about. Got to the bottom of the issue this week and now there are a flood of questions and don't know how to answer many of them. Quick summary: DS was asked to take hearing test again. While the result was not perfect hearing it was within the acceptable Army guidelines. That being said, DODMERB asked for a further follow up with our private doctor as to why he had hearing loss in one ear but not other. We were to report back what Dr's take was on the situation. Turns out he has some fluid behind eardrum and requires a tube in his ear to be inserted to clear it up. According to the doctor, the hearing loss will be gone immediately and the tube will run its course falling out in 6 to 12 months.

    I realize this is a DQ for him and he is crushed. Some questions we have:

    - Is anyone aware of a candidate getting a waiver for having tubes in their ears?

    - For a temporary medical situation that is going to clear itself up, is the USMA prep school an option or is it only for those not academically qualified? (DS received a letter he was academically qualified).

    - Is an AOG scholarship a possibility for someone in this situation or, again, do you have to be cleared medically?
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    You have to be medically cleared for AOG and prep. I would imagine the issue is that he can't do plebe swimming w/out ear plugs. Keep pushing forward; if WP is the path he wants, maybe a waiver is offered, or maybe he delays the tubes. He may do a year at local college then reapply when situation is resolved. Most students take 5 years to finish college, so adding the year is not a big deal in the scheme of things.
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