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    Hi everyone, hoping to get some opinions on which early action deadline would be the best choice. My son is applying to a few academy's but Coast Guard is his number one, his dream. His stats are below and he is in preliminary discussions with a coach at the USCGA and was invited to attend a CFAD program for athletes in December.

    3.9 GPA
    SAT Reading 630
    SAT Math 690
    SAT writing 570
    Team Captain
    Varsity multiple sports for three years
    Part time job
    Community Service focused on Veteran causes

    Class load math and science
    AP Physics B
    Honors Chemistry
    Pre Calc Honors
    AP Calc

    Is there a benefit to one date over the other? Any amount of advise you could give would be very much appreciated.

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    We'll be returning to a single Early Action (EA) deadline this year, so the only choice will be October 15th for EA or January 15th for Regular Admissions.

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