Early Action I or II?

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    I will be applying to the CGA this fall and I wanted to apply under Early Action. I also plan on taking the SAT on October 11 to see if I can improve my Critical Reading score. Should I apply under EA I and then forward my SAT results when I receive them? Or should I wait and apply under EA II? In my situation, will there be any advantage or disadvantage to applying under EA I?

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    My personal opinion is that you should apply under EA1. Your file probably won't be reviewed until Oct or even later. Of course, once reviewed, you cannot add to it (send in new scores), but up until then, you can have your new scores sent in. My son was originally pushing for USNA and was accepted at CGA first and with a lower ACT score than he received after his acceptance.

    I think there is a great advantage to applying in EA1. I know of other very qualified candidates who applied EA2 and RA and didnt make it because spots had already been taken under EA1. I think early bird gets the worm in many cases here. Just my opinion though.

    Message me if you have any questions. Best of luck to you. This last year has gone by so fast!
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    davidlee0154, my DS asked his AO this very same question. His AO stated that since my DS wanted to re-take SAT one more time before applying he suggested that he apply for EA II. DS's re-take of SAT was an improvement over his previous SAT. DS subsequently applied for EA II and he is now a 'Firstie' :shake:. Everyone's situation is different so I would suggest you contact your AO for guidance.

    Good luck!

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