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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by lillian, Oct 5, 2013.

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    Is it better to turn everything in for early action, or to wait until you can make your application more competitive?
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    Hi, Lillian,

    I believe this is one of those very unsatisfying "it depends" situations. Others will no doubt have more specific information than I do (I'm a teacher and have helped a number of my students navigate the service academy application process over the years, but have not dealt much with USAFA applications), but here are my thoughts (for what they are worth).

    First, from reading a prior thread of yours, I believe you are someone of Native Alaskan heritage who is considered a diversity candidate? I wonder if there might be a diversity outreach person in admissions at USAFA to whom you could direct your question, with specifics? (For example, are you trying to improve your CFA, or board scores, or GPA?) I do realize that with the shut-down that might be more difficult even if it would ordinarily be possible.

    Second, people generally do seem to advise getting the application finished early, but sometimes with a footnote that amounts to "if you're reasonably satisfied with your application." If there is some element -- for example, board scores -- that you think you could improve significantly in a reasonably short time window, that might be worth waiting for. Or a CFA score where you've been recovering from an injury or something and could take it in a few weeks and have more success. If it is something like a GPA, which is relatively hard to improve in a short time period (one semester of new grades vs. six prior semesters), I would say get the application in.

    I hope that some of the many good posters who are more specifically familiar with the Air Force Academy might weigh in to help you. Good luck to you!

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