EC activities and leadership responsibilities

Jul 1, 2016
I'm currently applying for my nominations right now to USAFA and USMA. My congressman asked for a list of extra curricular activities and leadership responsibilities. Should I send my entire resume or just those parts?
My son listed the specific activities and accomplishments within the nomination application, but then also added his resume when he sent everything in, along with a cover letter explaining that he was including his resume. Throughout the whole process, my son continued to update his resume. The resume may include good stuff that isn't requested in the MOC application, but might boost your chances.
Follow the instructions. Cut and past those sections from your resume and omit what is not asked for. If you would like to add supplemental information, like your resume that should be ok.
^^ I agree, part of the application process is about following directions. If instructed by your MOC to send something specific, that is what you should send. Instructions MAY vary by MOC, so be sure to read their website with the current NOM application information.