Eczema Dermatologist Requirement


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Nov 21, 2017
Apologies for reposting this question, looks like my original got buried in a discussion.

Will DoDMERB or Waiver Authority require DS to visit a dermatologist for eczema?

Found out yesterday DS will be DQ’d for eczema after age 12 . His eczema cleared up around age 12 or 13, we’re not sure because it just went away. He reported to DoDMERB and provided a statement from his family physician that said his eczema went away years ago and the condition was no longer an issue. His AMIs were related to eczema and said, “Does not require a physician’s appointment.”

He turned in all of the AMI documents which said he is in great health and has nothing to preventing attending a service academy.

I’ve read in other posts in this forum some just turned in AMIs and within days they had a waiver. I’ve also read about finding dermatologist with military experience and a long drawn out process.

We don’t mind being proactive and finding a dermatologist to provide a statement. But we don’t want to add to the admissions stress by doing something unnecessary or that will not be required.

If he was DQ'd it is different than getting a remedial. IOWS, their medical paperwork is sent to the commissioning source and they will determine whether or not to waive the DQ. DoDMERB's only job is to Q, DQ or request remedials, they do not waive!
~ Remedials are where they want to see more information before DQing or Qing
~ If your child is applying to multiple SAs and ROTC than each source will need to waive or deny. IE they applied to USAFA and USNA. USNA can say no and USAFA can say waived. USAFA can say no and AFROTC can say yes. This is due to the fact that they are all different commissioning sources.

If your child is DQd and has been officially not waived, you can fight it by submitting more paperwork to support your claim, but it is really an uphill battle to get a DQ that was denied a waiver reversed.
he is in great health and has nothing to preventing attending a service academy.
Please understand that the decision has little to do with attending a service academy, and a lot more to do with when they go AD. Will there be career fields that he cannot be in, will there be deployment issues?

OBTW on the other thread you stated that you found USNA/USMA grad docs. I would contact them directly to see if they went to med school on the military's dime. If they did, than they are a doc with military experience. I am sure there are a few that did their 5 and dive and then went to med school, but I would think they are in the minority.
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