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    Hi on my DODMERB questionnaire, I stated that I have eczema. Which was probably a mistake considering that it is an extremely mild case of it and I have never really gone to the doctor for it, only mentioned it to the doctor in passing. It has never been treated or anything like that.

    For my DoDMERB remedials, they sent me a letter saying that I need to send "copies of ALL treatment and/or hospitalization records,...etc.". There is no questionnaire or form to send with this. How do I tell DoDMERB that there is nothing to send without them thinking that I simply forgot? Should I just type out a piece of paper that says I have nothing to send?

    Thank you.
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    Send an email to me with your full name, last 4 SSN, your cell phone number (I already will have your home ph #) and fully describe your history of eczema. We'll review it and then I'll call you.:thumb:

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