Effect of school choice


Jan 25, 2017
I’ve seen a lot of people mention that the Army selection boards weight a lot of different factors when choosing winners. A part of that is school choices. My first choice is Virginia Tech, a SMC. So my question is how are schools factored into the decision? Do SMC get more scholarships or do they look for better applicants to fill the SMCs or does school choice not play that big of a role? Thanks
How you rank on the order of merit list, which is built by the applicants file score, has nothing to do with the schools on your list. The list comes into play once you make it to the top of the list and are next to get an offer.

Bottom line is if you want to attend an SMC/VT then list them. You are not going to out think the process. SMCs tend to get more offers because more applicants list SMCs.

Hope that makes sense.