Elective cosmetic surgery after receiving medically qualified status


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Mar 14, 2017
I am a winner of a 3 year AROTC scholarship. I was planning on getting gynecomastia surgery. It should be really simple a small incision below the nipple and they remove the enlarged glands. Recovery time should be only 2 weeks. What sort of action is required on my part with DoDMERB. I don't even think this would require me to check any marks on the medical form I had to fill out unless it was the other box.

Unless you are going to do the procedure yourself you should speak with your DoDMERB technician first.
Even if they DQ you for six months because of a surgical procedure you do not have be qualified until you contract.
However my son lost out on an upgrade to 3.5 years as he was waiting for the six months to expire from appendix surgery.