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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by AH2299, May 15, 2015.

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    I am currently in the AFROTC program and an AS200 next fall semester. I am taking a non-ROTC Leadership class over the summer to improve my leadership skills and increase my GPA to help my EA selection. The class is not part of my Core requirements for my Major however. Will it counted in my GPA for field training selection? If so, is it looked down upon to take a non-major core class to boost GPA?
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    If it is a college class it will be counted. It's all up to the commander and how he views it. If it is a leadership class I'm sure it will be looked favorably upon. Not only because it is a leadership class but because it shows your dedication.
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    Yes, it will count for your GPA. You can take as many non-major classes as you want as long as you still graduate when you tell the AF you will graduate. AFROTC will only care if it prevents you from commissioning when you're supposed. I've taken a language class every semester since freshman year to boost my GPA. I have a Kung Fu and Pop culture Chinese class scheduled for my last semester, if I don't take that I'll take another class like it. I have a minor in the language now and the classes are a great way to balance out my engineering classes. Definitely take the class if you want to take it, you won't be looked down upon for taking an extra class to better yourself or to improve your gpa.
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    I take as many GPA boosting classes as possible, because otherwise my GPA would be in the dumps. My major GPA is 2.39, but my overall if 3.1! How, you ask?

    I take 2-unit Band class, 2-unit Army ROTC first year classes, 3-unit Army ROTC second year classes. I also tacked on an Art History minor, for more near-guaranteed A's. Hooray for gaming the system.
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    I am confused again. You have stated that you were offered both AFROTC and NROTC scholarships. That both were activated as a freshmen. Now you are saying that somehow AROTC has allowed you to be in BOTH AFROTC and AROTC for 2 years.

    What college do you go to? Because if this is true, every kid should go there. I learned something new, because for my DS AFROTC LLAB was 1 credit every year. Are you saying AROTC is 3 credits?
    ~ Not saying it isn't true for your college, just inferring that this is not the norm for ROTC cadets.

    I know I am that mean woman according to you. I am not intending to be, but everytime you post I am left with :eek: and :confused2: moments. How is it that your AFROTC and AROTC CoC didn't throw up the flag when they did an academic review of your course curriculum every semester? My DS had to hand over every semester as an AFROTC scholarship recipient his official academic schedule to prove he was on schedule to graduate on time. I am pretty sure if they saw AROTC on his schedule, they would have had major issues, especially for supporting him for SFT.

    I would also remind you that AFROTC scholarships are tied to tech vs non tech. 3.1 for nontech and SFT selection is way below the median. 3.3/3.4 is what is average. 2.39 cgpa is below the 2.5 min required to maintain the scholarship.
    ~ We only harm lurkers and posters if we tell them how to game the system your way impo. As a 300 going for rated or a 400 going nonrated, getting your AFSC will be in part on your OML. That includes the AFOQT or TBAS. It includes CoC ranking.

    FFWD yourself to being an AFROTC CoC. Do you support the cadet that does both AFROTC and AROTC or the all in AFROTC cadet?

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