Email says no items missing, but....


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Feb 10, 2012
Hello. My DS has been receiving emails from his coordinator since opening his application. As of Feb. 1, there were three or four items missing and we contacted the appropriate people and slowly, the list got smaller. Finally, on the 14th, the email said something like 'the following items are still missing: No items are missing'. At the bottom of the email was a note saying to contact the coordinator by the end of the month or the application wouldn't be processed. DS received an email today after contacting coordinator saying that the signed transcripts and fitness assessment are still missing?! The web portal now says transcripts are missing, where before, it said complete....

We will try and contact coordinator by phone today, but timing is difficult with after school activities. Anyone have any suggestions?
My son got the same email yesterday! It says Items missing: there are no items missing.

He was so confused. He has also emailed the coordinator but has not received a reply.
I had the same problem. Talk to your coordinator asap and they'll contact everyone that was involved with your scholarship package. My local navy recruiter forgot to send in my paperwork to my coordinator, and he fixed it right away. Good luck!