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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by mc46brpd, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Anyone have any information on the Navy ND game in Ireland? How many Mids will attend, who will pay? Will it just be 1&2C's? Anyone planning on attending? Just curious.
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    I think no one has posted a response because it's early days yet in terms of mid attendance plan.

    This kind of thing is not new to the Brigade, and there is precedent for a previous trip to Ireland for a N-ND game a decade or so ago, plus Bowl games and other "big game" events at far-away venues. I expect those kinds of details are on a back burner. There may well be a new Supe and/or a new Dant by then, so past practice may not always be a reliable predictor of future actions. I expect there will be internal discussion as to what the travel window will be, whether they will try for charter air for attending mids and ask alumni to pitch in, etc.

    The USNA Alumni Association site, www.usna.com, has packages available for the game. I don't think they will be sold out any time soon. This is not like the Army-Navy game ticket/hotel situation.

    At the recent USNA Council of Class Presidents, the NAAA Athletic Director commented there would be plenty of game tickets available, as the venue is new and very large.

    I have no doubt the Brigade leadership will start asking those questions starting fall of 2011, as to the who/how/when, and some decisions will be made in time for families to make plans.

    We are going with some friends, as we enjoy any excuse to go to Ireland, and are building a 7-day trip around that weekend through our favorite Irish travel specialist.

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