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    I was curious if anyone here has had experience with enlisted members from the CG applying to the Academy. I've talked to a handful of Academy grads at my unit and they have been able to answer most of my questions but I still have a few more.

    I guess most importantly, on the web site it says that to be eligible you may not have any debt. Well, I went to college for a year and a half before joining and as a result I have two student loans. Nothing insane but certainly nothing I can pay off in the immediate future. I have heard they may be able to make an allotment so I can continue paying off the loans while going to school? Has anyone else heard this?

    Also, the math and english teacher evaluations. Being that I have been out of school for over a year now I'm not sure how I would manage to get evaluated. Any ideas on how this would work?

    Thanks a lot.

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    When I went out to my cutter this summer, there was a young SN, now BM3 who wanted to apply to the Academy. He studied for his SATs and re-took them and he put in his application and got accepted to Prep School and as a conditional member to the class of 2016, depending on his Prep School grades etc. I would talk to someone in admissions specificially about the debt, but if you like, I can try to put you in contact with the BM3 so that he can talk to you regarding his experience about going from Enlisted to the Academy.
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    Payments on federal student loans can be deferred while you're enrolled at the Academy, so those aren't a problem...you would need to get payments for any loans from private lenders either deferred or taken over by a co-signer if you're unable to pay them off.

    It's really up to you if you want to go back to your previous (high school or college) instructors or get members of your current command to complete the required evaluations...ask your Admissions Officer about this.

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