Enlistment to OCS, PLC, or College?


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Mar 22, 2020
Hi y’all. I’m a bit of a weird case. I went to a middle college high school in which I got my first two years of college done while in high school. I’m now technically a freshman in college but I have senior standing. I am on track to graduate in June of 2021. I say this just so you all could understand the position I’m in; it is by no means me trying to brag. I want to be a pilot for the marines. I’ve been talking to the recruiter in my town and they’ve given me two plans to chose from in terms of enlistment, but I’m wondering if I should just wait until I graduate from college, then consider talking to an officer recruiter. Of the two plans they’ve given me, I only like one of them. I would enlist as a reservist (I believe they called it reserve split?) and do boot camp this summer. Once I complete boot camp, I would go back to school for the 2021 academic year and complete my degree. Once I finish my degree I would go to OCS, TBS, and then aviation school (assuming I scored high enough on the ASBT). Earlier today, I saw how you have to apply to OCS, which means though I may meet the requirements to get into OCS, I may not necessarily be picked for it. First, I’d like to ask, is the plan they gave me good for my goal? I’m assuming I will pass all physical tests, as well as any other tests or requirements that I will encounter. Second, I’d like to ask what the process of getting into OCS is like, especially for somebody that is enlisted with a four year degree. Lastly, I’d like to ask if this is the best plan to become a pilot. If I haven’t provided enough information about my position, please feel free to tell me so I could better my post and receive a better response. Thank you all for your time.

- Evan Daniels


Jan 25, 2019
Recommend you consult with your regional OSO (Officer Selection Office) first. You may be more suited to PLC-Combined, given your situation. You'll have to be at least 20 years old to gain a commission.

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Apr 25, 2018
I agree with @DAB42. Unless you want to go to Marine boot camp to become a Marine before graduating college, don’t go back to the recruiter but find the OSO. Naval aviator is one of two MOSs you an contract for if qualified. Since you graduate next summer, attending the 10 week PLC then commissioning is what I would do. Doing the Marine Reserve thing would delay you becoming an officer and there is no guarantee you’d be selected.