Excited about the man our son will become!

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    We went to an airshow a couple of weekends ago to see the BLUE ANGELS! It was a great experience in so many ways. Beautiful weather, AWESOME flyers, great band... (It wasn't my older son's Navy band, but we got to see some people he trained with.)

    On the way in we were sitting on the bus from the parking area when four young people got on and took their seats right in front of us. My husband immediately said, "Now those guys look like they would be academy candidates. There is just something about their carriage and confidence. Do you think (DS) looks like that?"

    I replied that those guys (and one girl) were a few years ahead of our son and that he would be all that in a year or two as well. (For an 18-year-old, our son is amazing, but these guys...well, there was something special about their persona.)

    Watching out the window, my husband saw a plane and asked DS, "Is that a _________?" (Husband is a private pilot, and all the men in my family can recognize many types of aircraft.) The young man in front of us said, "Yes, Sir." So, my husband just asked him if they were Air Force. (guess it was an AF plane)

    One of them replied that they were USAFA grads currently in flight school and trying to decide what they wanted to fly. DH told them about our son's appointment. They were very enthusiastic and congratulatory. They shook our hands and son's hand and said, "All good, except maybe the Navy part." :rolleyes: We all laughed.

    As they walked away, I had a renewed sense of why we have done all the encouraging and assisting our son needed to make this dream come true. Gives me a renewed hope in the future of our nation and world when I see these amazing young men and women, and I'm so happy to know that our son will be among their ranks. Thank you all for raising your children to be great Americans!
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    What a great story.....gives me tingles... You must be so proud:thumb:
    We have just started this great adventure!!!

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