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    I really want to join Air Force ROTC, but given my medical history, I would assume a waiver is highly unlikely.

    I'm currently at a community college with a 3.8 GPA, planning to transfer to a university next year (attempting into ROTC)

    I know what the regs say for the most part, given my extensive medical history, would I ever stand a chance for AFROTC waiver?

    I am a very active person, who has no trouble with anything, even with letters from doctors, I would this even make a big impact?

    I looked over the DODMERB report of medical history form and would admit to
    -Spastic Diplegia (AKA Cerebral Palsy)
    -Eye trouble (When I was an infant, fine now)
    -Taking medication regularly (I was younger, no longer take, was for headaches)
    -Migraine Headaches (Stopped when I was about 17, not on any current meds)
    -Back Pain (Scoliosis, curve within waiver regs, no pain)

    I realize anything is highly unlikely, but I just want to be sure. Also, sorry for sounding negative, I've wanted to do military for a while, and I'm starting to accept that is probably not going to happen.

    Thanks for your time. :)

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