Eye Surgery...Waiver?


HS Sophomore USAFA aspirer.
I had amblyopia which is a lazy eye from birth till second grade when I had Strabismus Surgery or Eye muscle surgery...basically they loosened the stronger eye muscle to calibrate both eyes. I can see perfectly with no problems perfect depth perception but, Im just worried if that disqualifies me from the Air Force Academy or do I even need a waiver? Thanks in advance


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Past postings indicate that if the strabismus was done at an early age and you currently have healthy vision, you may pass DoDMERB without a waiver. Just be sure to have the dates and post it on your DoDMERB questionnaire. (I believe you are currently a sophomore in HS, so you have a while before you do this).

Important rule: Answer the questions directly, and truthfully....no more and no less. In other words, don't add in "extra stuff" that they don't ask for.

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