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Jan 29, 2008
i just got disqualified for nrotc because it said my distant vision was uncorrectable to 20/20. i have 20/800 in each eye but where glasses that correct me to 20/20. is there any chance of me getting a waiver?
joey90, There are a couple of things that you should do, and one that you could do.

The first thing I would do is to visit your family optometrist to confirm that you have always been able to correct to 20/20 with no errors (you get all 10 letters correct on the 20/20 line.

I would also gather copies of all eye exams for the past 3 years.

The last optional item would be to get a new manifest refraction. This will be at your cost, and there is no guarantee that it will change anything. Also note the OPTIONAL portion. This would be your decision.

If you decide to get a new manifest refraction it can be completed by your family optometrist. There is an eye exam for on the DoDMERB web site under forms that you can print out and take with you if you wish.

If this is the route you would like to take please let me know and I will post the detailed instructions for you and your optometrist to follow.
what do you think are my odds of a waiver for the navy or airforce. after all, i only missed two out of ten on the test in one eye.
The Navy will be difficult to get a waiver for the vision issue that you have, Air Force not as difficult. It is possible for both to receive a waiver.
i was hoping to get the waiver for the air force. Is there anything i can do to speed up or help the situation since air force rotc automatically reviews all disqualifications for waivers or do i just have to stick back and wait it out?
At this point, the waiver authorities for AFROTC are starting to get inundated with records. The best thing to do is to sit back and wait. If you have not heard anything 8 weeks after the disqualification for AFROTC showed on the DoDMERB web site, then I would contact DoDMERB to see what, if anything, you could do at that point.
well im pretty upset now. i called the optometrist and asked about my exam and he said he tested my right eye at a lower strength than my prescription. i take that to mean that its the reason i only got 8 out of 10 on my 20/20 test. now would it be best just to send a letter explaining the situation or to get a completely new manifest refraction and send that in. would they overturn the decision with the situation explained? with me sending in additional items am i likely for a waiver for the Air force?
I would suggest getting a new manifest refraction. AF does waiver more vision issues that Navy or CG, but if your optometrist stated that you have been correctable to 20/20 in the past, the new manifest refraction will go a long way.

Again, this is just a suggestion.
so i should just write a letter attaching the new manifest refraction and who do i send it to? the air force waiver people or dodmerb?
Send the information to DoDMERB. If they can not remove the disqualification they will forward it to the waiver authorities.
ive scheduled an appointment for a new eye exam. should i get a whole new exam or just have the doctor do a new manifest refraction?

My daughter had the same thing. She was 20/25 in both eyes and her refraction was -7. WP requested the retest and was used for Navy as well. If you decide to do the test on your own make sure you do not wear your contacts for 3 days prior. I can not say if you do the retest on your own it will help. We did the retest on our own and sent in the results. Then West Point requested more testing and DODmerb sent us a form. We had to go back to the doc to finish the test. Luckily he billed us once. On the re- examination sheet there is a part where you sign saying you did not wear your contacts for 3 days (for soft).
joey90, just get the manifest refraction for now. The waiver authority may ask for additional information, but if you are able to be corrected to 20/20 and the disqualification is removed then you don't need to worry about that.
so here is a quick update. though i was disqualified by the navy, the air force has qualified me which is who i wanted to go with anyway. i went and got retested and i am correctable to 20/20 and the original doctor did mess up. so im happy that i will now be able to use ny afrotc scholarship at university of tennessee. thanks for all your help retnavy. u have been alot of help
eye waiver possible?

if you are corrected to 20/20 in both eyes, can you get a waiver if prescription is -10.0 diopters? At age 20, won't have laser surgery for another year or two. No other medical issues. Pre-med student wanting to join AFROTC. Thanks.
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