Fall 2014 Stipend?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by aerospace1, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Anyone know when the Fall 2014 stipend will start for AFROTC? Last year it didn't come until 30 days after the semester began, will it be that long of a wait again?
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    That is something to talk to your det. about. It depends on how fast they submit the paperwork. It will vary school to school, not only due to when the paperwork is submitted, but when your school started.

    Stipends are paid in arrears, and there is a cut off date for the mid month pay. If you start today, and the official PFT does not occur until next Monday, than 1 Oct is a realistic pay date.

    If you started mid Aug. than I would think mid Sept, especially since your post reads as you are contracted already.

    Except for DSs 300/400 year he never got paid before 10/15. One year he got 4 deposits every week.Stipend back pay (partial), current stipend,, book allowance and FT pay.
    ~ His school started Tuesday after Labor day. Contracting didn't occur until at least Thursday that week. This year it would put you at the cusp for the 15th.

    It has been years now since Bullet was AD,but I believe the mid-month cutoff date for pay is the 7th and the 1st is the 22nd, depending on when those days are. I.E if the 7th is Sunday, it would be Friday the 5th for the 15th. Don't hold me to that, because it is just me remembering that was what occurred in the AD world.
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    Fall 2014 Stipends are really dependent on the local unit (when they submit paperwork, etc.), when classes officially start, etc.

    For our DS (AROTC 4-Year contracted scholarship recipient started Fall 2013), he received a partial month stipend for August 2014 which was deposited into his bank account September 2nd. Semester official start date was: August 25th.

    Last year, he did not see any $$ until November (delays due to having to retake the physical fitness test, Federal Govt. shutdown, etc.). No, he did not receive any backpay for missed stipend payments either.

    Hope this helps!

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