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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by juliusc16, Jun 22, 2012.

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    I remember growing up and my mom taking me to her and my dad's Family Readiness Group (FRG) Meetings until I was old enough to stay at home by myself... Do these still exist as an officer, or is that just an enlist thing? (Dad was/is career enlist)

    I was taking inventory at the Fort Jackson Army Community Service (last day of volunteering) and ran across a Family Readiness Group pamphlet while taking inventory, so I was just wondering...
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    Yes, the FRG's still exist and every one I have been around has been for both officer and enlisted, but they also tend to have their own seperate groups as well.
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    FRG doesn't really exist in the AF anymore. I would think KEY SPOUSE is the equivalent to FRG. Kids over 6 months old are NO NO's!

    The fact and the reality is you are going AF as an Army dependent. Great asset because your perspective is unique, but can also be a hindrance if you forget you are now AF and not Army.

    FRG issues are 4 yrs from now for you... May 2016. That is if you are a 2% club member. Don't place this in your mind, place surviving in your mind!

    Concentrate on today not 4 yrs from now. If you choose wisely regarding a mate, this will never ever be a factor in your life regarding FSG aka FRG. Trust me.
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    Yes they absolutely do still exist - with the Army having deployed so many soldiers for so long into two combat zones- these are a valuable commodity. They are for both Officer and Enlisted spouses - though truthfully as a retiree as well as a dependent husband I was really out of my element with the FRG when my wife's unit deployed a couple of times. However, I got used as a handy resource by a number of wives who didn't completely understand the system or who to talk to when they had Army related issues like Pay/ ID cards /Medical- Tricare questions etc. (The rear detachment Commander was clearly left there for a reason and it wasn't a good one. ) They are no longer anywhere near as Ad-hoc as they had been prior to 2001- the Command FRG coordinator was a full time paid civilian employee. Overall- the FRG's were pretty important in keeping people informed about what was going on with the deployed unit and making sure that dependents don't fall thru the cracks while soldiers (of any rank) are deployed.

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