Father's Day tomorrow

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    I'm in my 50's and I still think this way about my Dad- it's about as schmaltzy a song as was ever made- and yet it's true. I guess that he has done job pretty well because even at the height of my most irritating teenaged years, everytime I have been tempted to do some really stupid; really lame;really selfish act, or quit something that I know he respected, the thought that my Dad would really be disapppointed or ashamed has popped into my head to move me back onto the straight and narrow. That motivation still causes me to take stock of how I do my work and how I try to raise my kids, live my marriage and conduct my life. He isn't perfect and I know that I can finally beat him in an Arm wrestling match- but if I do half the job of lbeing devoted to my wife and family, and showing my kids right from wrong and the important from the superficial, then I will have succeeded at the truly important job in life. So Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and to all the hard working, proud dads out there who raise their sons to be hard working, honorable, loving men!


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