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    I've been on this thread for a few months, and therefore know that at this point all is speculation until a BFE or TWE arrive. Nevertheless, any feedback on my stats and how to make it better would be appreciated.

    Gpa: 3.83
    Act: eng 33, math 32
    Sat: cr 570, writing 680, math 640
    Eagle Scout (21 months of leadership, including leading the whole troop)
    Varsity football 3 years (all state academic)
    Sub varsity football 1 year (capt)
    Varsity track 1 (regional qualifying 4x200)
    Varsity soccer 1 (honorable mention all district)
    250 hr service hours
    150hr of work
    Leadership camp
    5 AP classes, 5 pre-ap/honors

    Again just general thoughts and/or advice to make it better would be appreciated.

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