Fellow Enlisted folks - Some news for ya. - Also some news for the Civies.

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    I was told by my Counselor that next panel meets next week. No surprise there as all currently enlisted applicants have our application due April 1st.

    • Enlisted Folks- 85 reserved slots are for direct appointment and 50 are for prep school. I'm hoping to get either one of those.
    • Currently I'm approximating about 195 applicants from the enlisted side. It could be more.
    • For statistic purposes there's 135 reserved slots for direct appointment and prep school combined if applicants are all fully qualified.
    • So out of the 195, 60 applicants will not receive anything.
    • So statistically you have roughly 69% chance to receive a direct appointment or prep school offer if competative.

    Keep in mind Admissions can increase slots for prior-enlistees.

    Also whatever slots are not taken from the 135 reserves will be offered to applicants in the pool. (keep your hopes up "flyboy" :thumb:)

    Any slots turned down by Appointees will be offered to applicants in the pool.
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    Knock one off your list of competitors. I've accepted USMA. Good luck!