FFS Last Minute Decision


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Jun 22, 2022
My son was just notified today that he was offered a FFS. At this late juncture I feel like a ton of pressure was just dumped on us. After not getting accepted at USAFA, he accepted at Virginia Tech in the Corp of Cadets. He has his heart srt on attending USAFA. IOt seems like FFS is a great path to get to USAFA although it doesn't say how much of the prep school tuition that they pay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 27, 2008
Jump on the FFS website and absorb everything. Identify the partner schools. Your son can then research those schools and get on the phone with them for detailed questions about their SA prep, as well as what money will be owed over and above scholarship. He can then start doing the comparative analysis. Your son can prepare his questions and call the FFS folks. They are used to these late-cycle calls every year. Everyone will be very helpful.


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Mar 27, 2017
My daughter went to NWP as a self prep, non-sponsored. All of the Sponsored prep kids did get accepted into the program which sponsored them, I believe there were 50+ Falcon Foundation scholars, and a handful from Navy and Army. I believe the scholarship covered most of their semester and then they went home to complete the second semester at a local university, that was not covered as far as I can remember. As a self prep my daughter applied to all the academies and chose her top choice of USMA. If he wants to go to USAFA the FFS is the best route for next year. Study hard and he will be accepted into class of 2027. Call Mr and Mrs Durbeck at NWP they run a great program and are the best mentors!