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    Hey guys I have a quick question, I have accepted my appointment to the USMMA class of 2019 and was really wondering about the transcripts.. Last semester I had Economics AP and got a B average in that class, AB Calculus AP and also averaged a B, Physics 2 C AP and barely averaged a C passing grade, and English 4 Honors averaged with an A. This second semester of my senior year, I am doing not too great in Physics 2 C (and it's my fault because I had a poor foundation in Physics 1 and still signed up for Physics 2 C AP) and am currently at a D average in the class. I still have one six weeks left to give the class my all in every single aspect, but I was wondering that if the USMMA asks for my final transcript, for the whole year, and see those not-so-great grades, do I run the risk of getting my appointment revoked? Please, any help or reply from anyone will really help because although I am really studying hard right now, this is a constant concern in my mind that is always making me nervous :( Regardless of what they ask for I'm still going to finish this class and the rest as strong as I can, I'm just really worried about it at the moment. Thanks

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