Finish Application or Not?


Dec 20, 2017
Hello. I've been intending on applying to West Point for years but now that the time has come to submit applications, I am wary of it. I have actually discouraged myself from finishing my application (all I have left is to take PT test), and this is because I don't think I want a 24/7 military college life. That is why ROTC has had more of an appeal to me. Can anyone give me some things to think about before making a decision I may potentially regret? Pros and cons of attending West Point. I know everything is due by the 28th which is soon. For someone who yearns for a college life that gives me a good amount of freedom, how well would I assimilate there? Thanks.
Also... I've let myself relax in terms of physical fitness since I have been of the mentality that I probably won't take the PT test. Would PT scores have a significant impact on my potential acceptance if I go through with it?
I am currently 4 year AROTC and a reapplicant right now for 2022. I have a couple of MS1 peers who were also reapplicants but really enjoyed/felt more comfortable at our state school and decided to close their applications. In my opinion if you are already wary about it now just stick with your gut and go ROTC (it is not a bad route!) and also the fact that the application is due in 2 days.
I think you have already made your decision. You will not get the CFA completed and submitted in the next two days. You have to be pass the CFA to be deemed qualified and compete for an appointment.
On the one hand, if you have put off completing the CFA, maybe that is telling you something. On the other hand, if you can arrange to get it done between now and Wednesday, you should do it. If you get offered an appointment, you can always turn it down. Your lack of prep for the test may or may not make a difference. Are you a natural athlete? Can you do 30 pushups and run an 8 minute mile? If so, you would likely qualify based on my DD's experience. My DD is a good runner but she had to really work to build up her upper body strength while other females she knew could just get them done, no problem.

Did you do a visit to WP? My DD did. She knew immediately that she would love the regimented lifestyle and being surrounded by other folks with the same goal once she was there and experienced it first hand. She has a back up plan and we are going tomorrow to complete her PMS interview for the AROTC scholarship but her heart is at WP.

Bottom line, if you have time, do the CFA and submit unless you are just sure you don't want WP.
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I don’t understand why you are asking now. You have already decided you want a “normal” college life. This is certainly not that. You have to want this with every fiber of your being or you are wasting your own time and everyone else’s time.

Go with your heart and don’t look back.