First post

Dec 6, 2018
I am currently a Senior in high school in Ky. I currently have nominations to USNA and USMMA. As you can tell from my name I am a huge sports fan, especially football. I have learned that the process of applying to a service academy is not always sunshine and rainbows, but this forum has helped me tremendously these past few months. One thing that I am struggling with now is the waiting. It is all I can think about, and I must check my portal everyday (maybe more). By making this thread I just wanted to introduce myself, and get a feel on what it is like to post on here for the future. Feel free to reply back with questions or start a conversation about the Academies - nobody in my school or general area that I know of is interested in a SA so I feel like I have kept a lot of stuff bottled up!
You are very welcome here, and it’s good to hear you have found it helpful.

Focus on what you can control, do PT for stress management and to build stamina, tend your alternate plans, be present in the here and now for family and friends.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Welcome and good luck.

The wait for me is beyond bearable ... my son has to wait for a waiver.

I love reading about others ... keeps me sane.
Hey fan12. Which team(s) do you pull for?

I’m a Bama man.

Welcome Aboard and Roll Tide
Welcome to the forum.
I am more of a hockey fan. Chicago Blackhawks to be specific. It has been a tough year (for my Hawks), but my college hockey team is doing well!
Hey PM me and I can add you to a SA group chat with other seniors applying!
Can I be added to the SA group chat? My son has applied to USMA and USNA for Class of 2023. Thanks in advance.
Roll Tide. But Rangers are my Hockey. Son is a Devil fan. Still do not how that happened.
Rangers dropped the last 3 in a row, but still a better record than my Hawks. Wait until next year!
January 31st - Devils play the Rangers.
Good luck, Dad.:)
I am also a senior (CGA) applicant and I get the wait thing- I swear I check my Bears Den (USCGA "portal") and this forum 100 times a day. Good luck to everyone applying for all the SAs class of 2023!