"Flat feet"


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Jun 27, 2014
My son, who will be a HS senior next year, met with the RO for an AROTC program. During the course of the discussion, he asked about any medical issues. My son told him that he has been wearing orthopedics for the past 4 years based on his doctor telling him that he a mild to moderate case of flat feet. The arches were designed to reverse the problem.
It should be noted my son has never experienced any pain or discomfort and runs everyday for football and wrestling.
The RO said it could potentially cause a problem, but not to worry at this point. He encouraged him to apply for both WP and ROTC based on his scores and GPA.
Does anyone know the medical standard for passing or failing if you have an issue with your arches?
Thanks for your help.
I may or may not be incorrect but I was told that "flat feet" was only used as a disqualifier up until the Vietnam era and that it is no longer disqualifying, but don't quote me on that.
If they're asymptomatic it might not be a problem. Does he currently use orthotics? I'd maybe get a second opinion.

The actual regulation reads:

4) Current symptomatic pes planus (acquired (734) or congenital (754.6)) or history of pes planus corrected by prescription or custom orthotics does not meet the standard.

Thanks for the info. He does not have to wear any custom or prescription inserts. He has worn an over the counter Dr Schools type insert, but that was some time ago. The one foot is fine and the other one has a slight case of a low arch.
We hope it will be fine. How can one get an opinion ahead of time? Or, are we opening a can of worms?
If he's asymptomatic and has no history of wearing prescription orthotics, then he's fine - Dr. Scholl's don't count. Don't stray too far off the reservation when answering the medical questionnaire.

Thanks for the input. When the time comes, I will make sure he reads the questionnaire carefully and answers it correctly.

On a good note, I don't think his doctor ever noted it on his medical records. So, he can honestly state he was never medically treated for it. I'm under the assumption that you have to release your medical files to ROTC.
You do not release your medical records. The only information DodMerb has is the info your son will give them when he fills out the medical questionnaire. However, if he has a medical issue for which they require additional information, you may need to submit records pertaining to that issue. Ex. If he'd had knee surgery in the past they would want to see his records from the orthopedist, etc.
My DS has wore orthotics for flat feet since middle school, and he never even got a remedial. He is currently a rising 2/C at USNA. :)