Football Practice Gets Underway Tuesday

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, Aug 11, 2009.

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    They say that in the spring a "young man's fancy" turns to Love. What they don't tell all those starry eyed poets is that in August a young man's fancy turns to Football (as does a middle aged man's and even old men- it's not restricted to guys though- my Grandmother who is 96 also dreams of the start of football season!).
    Hope springs eternal that this is the year that VMI finally breaks out of the doldrums and will demonstrate this by beating Army- who will then in turn take out their frustration by crushing Navy!. Meanwhile for all those happy campers down in Lexington who are soaking thru their pads starting today- drink plenty of water and tear it up!!:thumb:

    "LEXINGTON, Va. - The soaring temps and high humidity that rolled into Western Virginia this week can only mean one thing. Football practice is about to begin....."
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    It's hard to get too excited about VMI football; they haven't had a winner in an eon. I do find, however, that I am much more interested in how the team is doing now, as an alum, than I was as a cadet. That is, I will at least make the effort to check the weekly scores. When I was a cadet, Football weekends always meant multiple parades, and you couldn't take a Weekend until after the game (where we would be soundly defeated, I remember a score of 60-7 or something like it).

    I was into the Basketball last year-so close to making the tourney...would have been really cool. Still, hope the Keydets give a good effort this year on the gridiron, and you never know when "the team it will rally, and fight! fight! fight! hey!" Even if they are a bunch of nasty permit worms (Just kidding!!-I know they work hard, but couldn't resist).

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