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    Hi All,
    Any insight and knowledge is great!
    2 questions....
    My DS says he may have to eat with the football team on Sat. lunch of PW since they have a game. True?

    Also, I would love to relay info. to family and friends as to how to watch the football games online...or connect the computer to the TV and enable us to watch the games etc.. Anyone have any experience at this? We are on the West Coast and cannot make all the games and pay mortgage! haha!

    Love the feedback from all that have been there and done that!
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    Here is a link to USMMA FB page

    For home games you can watch a stream from this site

    For away games there is a broadcast but you can check the opponent's website, somtimes you can watch the game for free or some have Paypal

    I am pretty sure this how it works but if I am incorrect someone please jump in.

    Philly FB Fan

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